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It is also worth mentioning here that a driver transporting dangerous goods must also be equipped with the necessary equipment. It should include:
two fire extinguishers,
at least one chock corresponding to the vehicle mat and wheel diameter, used to secure the vehicle when parked on an inclined surface,
two standing warning signs powered independently of the vehicle’s electrical installation, e.g. triangles, reflective cones or orange flash lamps,
warning vest for each crew member of Haulage services Birmingham,
a flashlight without metal surfaces (which may cause sparks), for each crew member,
protective glasses – for each crew member,
a pair of gloves – for each crew member.

What loads are considered oversized, Haulage services Birmingham?

Oversized loads and Haulage services Birmingham are those that exceed the permissible standards. The common features of goods classified as oversized transport are non-standard dimensions and heavy weight. These are usually various types of construction elements, tanks, construction machines, industrial equipment, etc. The rules for traveling with non-standard vehicles are systematized, among others, by the Act of June 20, 1997 – Road Traffic Law. The Act provides for seven types of permits, depending on exceeding certain standards relating to dimensions, weight or axle loads in vehicles. It is a mandatory document authorizing you to transport loads on public roads that exceed the permissible standards from Haulage services in the Birmingham.

Categories I and II are issued for divisible loads, while the remaining categories from III to VII are intended for indivisible goods, i.e. goods that cannot be divided into two or more smaller loads without disproportionately high costs or risk of damage.